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T Mobile Phone Deals

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Owned by: Everything Everywhere
Trading since: 1993

T Mobile Phone Deals

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About T Mobile

T Mobile was originally founded in the United Kingdom in 1993 as the worlds first network to operate on the 1800Mhz frequency. They operated under the name One2One, and were owned by Mercury Communications.

Germany ís Deutsche Telekom purchased the business in 2002 and rebranded it under their global mobile phone brand T-Mobile.  

In January 2008 T-Mobile merged itís HSDPA and 3G networks with rival 3 ( Hutchinson 3G), resulting in the UK's biggest network of itís type.  

In September 2009 there was a joint announcement from T-Mobile owner Deutsche Telecom and France Telecom that T-Mobile UK and Orange were merging their operations in the United Kingdom . The result is now the UKís largest mobile phone network with a 37% market share. Although both companies operate under their own brand, the newly merged company is now called Everything Everywhere.


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