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O2 Mobile Phone Deals

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Owned by: Telefónica S.A.
Trading since: 1985

O2 Mobile Phone Deals

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About O2

O2 was launched in the UK in 1985 under the name Cellnet in a joint venture between Securicor Cellular Radio, and British Telecommunications (BT). In 1999 BT purchased the share of the business that it didn’t already own from Securicor for £3.15 billion (Securicor had originally invested only £4 million in 1985).

Following the purchase by BT the name of the company was change to BT Cellnet. Following a £2 billion investment program by BT the company had reached 6 million customers by 2000.

In 2001 it was decided that BT Cellnet should demerge with BT. This happened later that same year, then in 2002 the company was rebranded as O2.


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