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3 Mobile Phone Deals

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Owned by: Telefónica S.A.
Trading since: 2003

3 Mobile Phone Deals

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About 3

3 launched in the UK on 3rd March, 2003 (03/03/03). It took 3 UK just under 3 years to gain more than 3 million 3G customers, which was more than the other UK 3G operators customers combined. 3 launched the UK’s first video mobile network, bringing new services to the UK market. 3 have a network sharing agreement with Orange which allows their customers to connect to the Orange GSM network when they are in an area not covered by 3’s 3G network.

By the end of 2005, 3 had almost 4 million customers, and was still the UK’s largest 3G network, with more 3G subscribers than the other networks combined. In 2009 3 launched a groundbreaking service; offering all customers free unlimited skype to skype calls.

When the 3 network launched in the UK, they also opened their first 3Stores, in Oxford Street and Kensington, London, and the Mailbox, Birmingham. 3 also have a deal in place with Superdrug, who exclusively stock 3 handsets, with some stores operating with a 3 concession. In October 2006, 3 announced the purchase of 95 high street shops from O2, 274 former ‘The Link’ outlets, and 22 branded O2 stores, all to be rebranded as 3Stores. In 2007 3 closed 107 of it’s concessions, leaving only 20.  

In 2010 3 UK were the 4th network to launch the iPhone, behind 02, Orange, and Vodafone. In September of the same year 3 won the “Best Overall Provider – Mobile Broadband Award”. They were also voted best network for mobile broadband in a YouGov survey for the second year in a row.


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