Mobile phone frequently asked questions

What happens if I can't afford to continue paying my contract?
If you find yourself in financial difficulty and unable to pay your contracted mobile phone line rental, ring your mobile phone provider. Explain the situation to them and see if there is anything they can do to help, either by lowering your talk plan or removing any bundles that you no longer require.

Do my mobile phone contract provider need to lower my plan?
No, when you agree your contract you also agree your talk plan, monthly payments, contract length, and monthly cost. Although some providers may allow you to lower your plan, unless it state's otherwise in their contract, they can make you keep what you agreed for the duration of the contract.

How strict are the cash back terms and conditions?
Very strict. One of the main reasons that the cash back schemes are available is that the promoter knows that a lot of people will either forget about the scheme, or fail to comply with the terms and conditions. They want to give as little money away as possible so if you do not adhere to the terms and conditions to the letter, you will lose out on the cash back.

When can I upgrade my mobile phone contract?
This depends on your network, although it's normaly during the final three months of your contract. Be aware though, that if there is time remaining on your original contract, this will be added on to the new contract, making the contract period even longer.




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