Choosing a mobile phone plan

Choosing the right plan is potentially more important than choosing the right phone. You need to ensure that you get the right balance between a good price, and ensuring that you have all the bundled minutes, texts, and data to cover your needs. If you get a plan that has more than you require then you end up paying more than is necessary, and if your plan doesn’t have enough of what you require, you could end up with a big bill.

If you’re after a more expensive phone, there’s a good chance that you’ll need a more expensive call plan, as the mobile phone company will need to recoup the cost of providing you with a free phone. If your circumstances change and you can no longer afford to pay for your line rental (your talk plan), you may be bound to keep your talk plan for a set period of time, or you may not be able to drop your call plan to the cheapest. For this reason we suggest you take care in choosing the correct plan from the off.




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