Basic handsets

These handsets do exactly what they say on the tin. Effectively, they make and receive calls, send texts and may have one or two additional features. These phones generally appeal to those less concerned with complex features and fashionable accessories and have the easiest to use operating systems. They are usually at the bottom of the price table.

Music based phones

These handsets are based around providing music as well as being a mobile phone. They have larger memories than normal phones, to store your music, and often have designated music buttons on the handset. If you want to combine your phone with your MP3 player, this kind of handset will be the one to go for. However, battery life can suffer so be sure you leave yourself enough juice for some calls.

Camera based handsets

Increasingly, mobiles are featuring better and better cameras. In some cases it can be argued that they are cameras with mobiles attached! If you’re a happy snapper, then this group of mobiles is for you. Take note of some of the other features however, particularly LED flash and optical zoom are important for the seasoned professional! Due to all the camera features, this group of phones can sometimes be let down by size and weight.


Mobile phones can now do more than ever before, almost as much as a home PC, and as a result have been labelled Smartphones. These top-end devices not only allow access to email, but web browsing, satellite navigation, computer synchronisation and often have a full QWERTY keyboard. These phones no longer simply target business users, but those who want to stay connected, and have constant access to the World Wide Web. So if you want a Swiss Army-style phone and you’re quite happy to pay a little bit more, go for a Smartphone.




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