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General company information

Number of deals: 
Owned by: Various
Trading since: 1991


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About the company

Vodafone are a global leader in telecommunications services and have their headquarters in London . Vodafone are the worlds largest mobile phone company as measured by total revenues, and the second largest if measured by the number of subscribers (behind China Telecom). There are currently over 332 million customers who use Vodafone around the world, thatís more than six times the population of the United Kingdom.  

Vodafone operate networks in over 30 countries, and in addition to this have partnering networks in a further 40 countries. Vodafone own a 45% stake in Verizon Wireless, who are the biggest mobile phone provider in the United States .  

The name Vodfafone is derived from the words Voice Data Fone, which reflects the companies core activities. Vodafone are listed on both the London Stock Exchange and the New York NASDAQ and have a marker capitilisation of over £92 billion.

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