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Dial A Phone


General company information

Number of deals: 
Owned by: 4u Group (Phones 4u)
Trading since: 1995

Dial A Phone

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About the company

Dial A Phone is a subsidiary of the 4u Group, owner of phones4u. As part of one of the UK ís biggest names in mobile phones, they have buying powers that most in the industry cannot match, generally meaning a better deal for the customer.  

Dial A Phone are a major UK advertiser, marketing in the major UK newspapers and magazines on a daily basis, driving customers to their website with their deals. In addition they also market online and as a consequence are one of the most visited mobile phone sites in the UK .  

Dial A Phone have grown from just a handful of employees in 1995, and now employ hundreds. Since their formation over 3 million customers have made a purchase, and over 1 million of those have done so online since they launched their website in 2000.

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